Jodi Barrows' Square in a Square™ Revolution

Jodi Barrows' Square in a Square™ method is a revolutionary quilting technique that allows quilters to create beautiful quilts - without cutting messy, painstaking triangles! Get perfect corners and consistent results without going blind at the cutting table.

By using special rulers and a little know-how, Square in a Square™ quilters breeze through some of the most intricate geometric patterns. And with eight idea-packed books to choose from, you'll have a hard time running out of ways to use these fun techniques.

But don't worry that the Square in a Square™ method will limit you - Square in a Square™ techniques will save you time and effort in almost any project you tackle. They're versatile and easy. Once you learn this method, you'll wish you'd learned it years ago.

Square in a Square™ is ideal for quilters at all levels. Beginners and advanced users will all benefit from this time-saving technique.

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Square Peg is Your Square in a Square™ Expert!

Peg Oppenheimer is a certified Square in a Square™ teacher. She has been personally trained by Jodi Barrows to teach her revolutionary method of quilting. And part of being certified means traveling to Texas to meet with Jodi once a year, so Peg is always in the know about the latest developments and innovations.